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Benchmarking and Performance Measurement

You can not manage what you do not measure. 

Take the time to prioritize what should be managed and measured. It would be prudent to start with financial, life safety, and mission-critical indicators.  

Be Clear and Consistent 

It's one thing to be clear but an entirely other matter to be consistent. Being consistent engenders trust. Press into this. 

Look for Interdependencies 

It is common to develop tunnel vision with performance indicators. Look for the interdependencies for example, how reduced staffing levels are impacting employee sick time.  Or measuring the performance of energy consumption as it relates to building occupancy levels.  

Celebrate and Correct as Required 

As the results come in, take the time to recognize the achievements and at the same time, in the right way, correct any performance-related issues. 


If you would like to discuss this further, we would love to chat with you. 

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